Misha's Mundi

Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo 2018



The Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo pays tribute to the talents and passion of this buzzing community, all under one roof! We are passionate about bringing together the top local talent infused with international flavours, offering guests the chance to experience a wide variety of tea, coffee, and complementary goods.

So you’re hooked on hot beverages – here’s why the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo is for you:

  • Free drink samples
  • Discover new beans, leaves & recipes
  • International and exotic flavours
  • Coffee varietals like you’ve never seen before
  • Learn industry tips & tricks from some of the community’s finest
  • Become your own barista with beans and leaves for purchase
  • Immerse yourself in our vibrant cafe culture
  • Take part in our interactive workshops, like TIY (Tea It Yourself) & espresso making



  • When: April 14th & 15th from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Where: Evergreen Brickworks!
  • Booth: Misha’s Mundi will be at Table 54 serving free samples!
  • Hosted by: Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo / West Contra



Purchase your tickets online by going to Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo website (link above)

Coati AKA Coatimundi

Living in Satipo, Peru is where we fell in love with these adorable creatures called Coatimundi. You may not be familiar with this fur ball animals, which inhabits most of South America and Central America, but I guarantee you know about one of the mammal’s family member, the raccoon.

Coatis, like its cousin, this mammal is the size of a large house cat. Weighing anywhere from 2–7.2 kg (4.4–15.9 lb) and have a total length of 85–113 cm (33–44 in), half of that being its tail. Coatis can reach a height of 30cm (12in) tall at the shoulders. All coatis share a slender head with an elongated, flexible, slightly upward-turned nose, small ears, dark feet, and a long, non-prehensile tail mostly used for balance and signaling.

Unlike the nocturnal raccoon, which is active at night, the coati mostly gets its rest when it’s dark. They are what you would call a diurnal animals. These animals turn treetops into bedrooms by building comfortable nest out of twig-and-leaf in branches for them and their young ones. As a coati sleeps, it tucks its nose into its belly. During the day, the coati is all about snacking. Coatis search for fruit in trees high in the canopy, and use their snouts to poke through crevices to find animal prey on the ground. They also search for animal prey by turning over rocks on the ground or ripping open logs with their claws.

Unfortunately, coatis are facing a growing rate of unregulated hunting, illegal trading of these animals as pets or fur, and the serious threat of environmental destruction of Central and South America, especially the amazon rain forest.  This is why we have decided to help these lovable creature and opened a nursery. Read about our nursery blog here.

Toronto Latin Dancer’s Holiday Party

  • When: December 15, 2017


  • Where: Alliance Banquet Hall & Event Venue


  • Hosted by: Dance ConneXion and Oscar Naranjo


Dance Connexion is hosting their annual holiday party. Enjoy great latin food and latin music all night. We will be there to provide the coffee, and keep you dancing at beat thru the night.